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Consolidating International Research in the History of Science

  • Historical–scientific disciplines of research have already benefited both IEMN (500+ researchers) and the new University of Lille (UdL).

  • The University of Lille is one of the most important and larger universities in France with 4 main structures, 6 campuses, 11 Academic Arms, 66+ Research Units, 3300+ scholars, 1800+ Ph.D students, 450+ partnerships, 8000 employees, 3 Learning Centers and more than 80.000 students – of which more than 7500 are international students.

  • The IEMN, is a major player in the field of micro/nanotechnologies and their applications. With 450+ employees of 40+ different nationalities, the IEMN brings together most of the research in Hauts-de-France, from nanoscience to instrumentation in the field of microtechnology, including an international team in History of Physics and Applied Science & Technology (HOPAST) It relies on 5 supervisory bodies to develop miniaturised technologies with high added value in electronics, photonics, telecommunications, health technologies, electrical energy, the Internet of Things and transport.

  • By means of  Carnot Lille 2024 at IEMN/HOPAST & LILLIAD, University of Lille, France – and generally speaking the University of Lille – gain through enriching their research and teaching programmes by including this notable high profile in History of Physics/Mathematics/Science.
  • Espace Culture University of Lile
  • Please download the IEMN brochure
  • History of Physics and Applied Science & Technologies Team (HOPAST) is a unique research team in the field at the University of Lille, i.e., by integrating new scientific international networking events and scholars, including mutually useful interchanges.

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