Sessions & Participation Guidelines

  • Sessions: Plenary, Communications, Roundtable, Exhibits, et al
  • Please note that the Carnot Lille 2024 Colloquium will be held as a physical, in-person event in Lille


  • The sessions will be designed as a way of sharing engaging and innovative approaches to investigate Sadi Carnot, his publication, History of Science & its interdisciplinary reach and approaches. We strive to promote more engagement, interest and learning of History of Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy etc.), History and Philosophy of Science, History of Science and Technology and Nature of Science Teaching. For example, how can history and philosophy of sciences assist in solving the crisis in both science teaching and foundations in Europe? How can new science produce reliable knowledge and what are the limits to certainty?
  • Chairpersons and Speakers are free to participate paying attention to avoid any overlap.
  • Participants should take care to avoid any overlap, as well.
  • The organizing committee will notify Chairpersons and Speakers, as well as the participants, of any automatic deletions, should overlap remain in the draft program.
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