Criteria for Submitting a Standalone Communication/Talk Carnot Lille 2024 [Late Deadline: 30th of July 2024]

Criteria for Submitting a Standalone Communication/Talk at Carnot Lille 2024 International Colloquium

  • A General Registration is Mandatory here
  • All submitted abstract for Carnot Lille 2024 standalone talks, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be peer–reviewed for the acceptance; including a selection list of references.
  • The abstracts can be:
    • Accepted
    • Accepted after by Minor or Major Revision
    • Rejected.
  •  After your genearl registration (see above) please submit your abstract here

Standalone communications/talks on Carnot, strictly-around Carnot Lille 2024  (e.g., 19th, father and son, Carnot family, etc.)  with its miscellaneous and mutable relationships with culture and society, interdisciplinary geographic locations and areas of specialisation, addressing historical topics are welcome. For example, around Carnot:

  • History of disciplines: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc. 
  • Ideas and Mechanisms in the History of science 
  • The relationship between the scientific disciplines of the past
  • Reading Science & Ideas Without Frontiers
  • Contextualizing the individual technological advances
  • Bordering Minor––&––Major Works in the History of science
  • Analyses of the scientific texts of the past 
  • Rethinking the paradigms, evolutions and revolutions in the History and Historiography science
  • Applied Sciences & Technology Foundations of science and its historical studies
  • Cataloguing & archiving associated with public benefit from preserved scientific heritage over the centuries and across cultures
  • Equity and Diversity in the History of science
  • The Biodiversity in thinking in the History of science
  • Institutions, places, and historical spaces of scientific knowledge: centre and peripheries
  • Patronage and science funding: public and private interests in the History of science 
  • Theory and practice in scientific and technical/technological expertise in the History of science
  • Material, visual, and textual cultures in the institutionalisation of the sciences
  • Circulation and networks of scientific knowledge in the History of science
  • Gender and ethnicity in scientific institutions and leadership in the History of science
  • Trials and standardisation in science and technology-ies making in the History of science
  • Openness and secrecy in the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the History of science
  • Minor and major scientists of the human past
  • From Carnot's results to modern science & applied technologies, including climate energy transfer
  • Trust, Intellectual property and authority in scientific––historical discourse and its policy
  • Scientific changes, ideas and related historiographical narratives 


Contributions & Interdisciplinary Approach in the History of Science

  • Contributions on specific fields ranging from hard sciences as well as all scientific disciplines, including social and NoS sciences through Carnot Lille 2024 are also welcome. The diversity of fields help reflection on the issues at stake.
  • Disciplines & Approaches in the History: Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, Instruments, History and Historical Epistemology of Sciences, Applied Science, Techniques & Technologies, Literature/Women Writing, Nature of Science, Innovative Learning–Teaching, Nature of Science, Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Science, Reasoning and learning, Conceptual frameworks, Reasoning & Changes, Critical attitude, Theories & Situations, Institutions,  Science in Society-Industry & Applied Technology
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